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Poured Wall

We specialize in  residential and commercial foundations, footings including vertical formed walls for basements, garages, out buildings, piers and retaining walls. We have the experience, equipment and resources to get your project done right and in a timely fashion. We offer on most every basement foundation we pour and waterproof a 10 year guarantee against leaks!  

Benefits of poured walls over block construction: 

  • Superior Strength: Poured walls offer superior strength to block  (over 30 times stronger) or concrete filled block.  In fact, poured walls have a comprehensive and flexural strength several times that of block.  Poured concrete walls also contain forty percent more structural concrete than hollow core block.

  • Fire Resistance: Poured walls offer at least twice as much protection as hollow core concrete block.

  • Design Flexibility: Modern construction techniques allow poured wall construction to adapt to most building designs with more geometric flexibility than block.

  • Aesthetics: Smooth aesthetic appearances because poured walls have no joints.

  • Faster Construction: Time is money to both the home-builder and the home-owner.  Pouring concrete walls takes considerably less time than block construction. Beginning to end is typically 3 days – and we can pour year round!

  • Minimal Clean-Up and Minimal Waste: Cast-in-place concrete construction reduces waste saving both time and disposal expenses.

  • Low Maintenance: Poured wall construction is virtually maintenance free. Concrete is resistant to rot, decay, rodents, termites and fungi

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